Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yeah! Whateva' nevermind

Death, they say, is a liberating experience. The closer you get to liberation the easier it gets to accept the eternal truth. As I rolled up a heavy duty mary jane cigarette, talking to myself about the effect it was about to have on my neural dendrites: enhancing and slowing my senses at the same time, I started contemplating the probability of death in this perfectly random world.

"Is the stuff good? Roll up another one please....." said D

D has always been the questioning, inquisitive kind: a friend and companion in such frequent moments of revelation. I assured him and went back to work. Cigarettes, they say, increase the probability of death.

"What is death?" I asked myself..... I wondered if it is 'the transition' or 'the transformation' and settle down for 'transition' in a self assuring way. The transparent time passed slowly as I blended the tobacco with the autumn leaves. The flow of thoughts had already started to create an avalanche in my mind. Thankfully the cigarette rolled itself quick and we were ready for the stimulating stimulus. The venue of our party was to be a smelly and suffocating train washroom; not a great idea for someone as claustrophobic as me.

I ensured a properly locked door for our desired privacy. D did the honour in lighting up the joint as I calmly controlled the pace of my thoughts. Fresh aroma filled the washroom overwhelmingly as we puffed slowly on my fresh weed joints. As my senses slowed, I was stretched to think about the physical truth of space time inter-changeability. My claustrophobia overcame itself as my time slowed and the space expanded. The smelly washroom had converted itself into a fog covered grazing grassland and we started making merry about the social inhibitions and if someone saw us coming out of the washroom together. D, I must say, has an uncanny sense of wit with a superb sense of timing. As evacuating as this dose could be, we had started to feel famished and were desperate for food.

We started a silent assault on the food that the train pantry had to offer and stuffed it in ever vacant corner of our stomach. Relieved of hunger, we started our discussion which had to end with one of us passing out, but at times it is best to take what destiny has to offer.

"Would you like another one?" I initiated the conversation.... with a question even our eyes could answer. The unanswered question, although, helped me to catch his attention. I began.....

"Would you care for a discourse on religion?"

"Yes", he finally answered

I closed my eyes.......... "And then there was light." I could feel myself stranded in the moment of creation, "But every action has an equal and opposite reaction and this segregation of matter from antimatter is popularly known as the big bang.” I could feel the creation of that infinite origin and the connection of my roots to this formless black hole, the alpha, the omega...... a connection through the flawless shreds of time. I have always treated time as a multidimensional vector and my vector was deviating from its current dimension of life and a moment of bliss.
My soliloquy went on and on with brief interruptions from D. After a while, I realized that D had reached his state of slumber like a baby listening to fairy tales. I drew immense satisfaction from his peaceful sleep.

“Sweet dreams”, I said lightly as his smile broadened.

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  1. Ooh-la-la-la-la-leo,,the kind of moments which are expressed so beautifully and extreme insights which had to be felt by everyone takin the same D or M or M oil ,which couldnt be written into words by nyone else other than devoid and reading it one again ad taken me back to that moments of creation and if possible many more posts are goin to come to share the moments of creation with a bang and i wold b awaiting for that